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CONNECTOW is a collaborative project between the city of Wavre, Citymesh and the European Union. The project puts the city on the international map as one of Europe's first truly smart cities. Thanks to the support and under the supervision of the European Union, the city of Wavre is providing connectivity for all its residents, visitors, schools, entrepreneurs, auxiliary and public services.

Together we are committed to health care, education and social inclusion. Everyone along for tomorrow, that is our goal, that is CONNECTOW.

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Wavre, soon to be a true smart city of Europe

Flexible and reliable connectivity lies at the foot of every successful city and organization. Thanks to CONNECTOW, creating a fifth gen communications network, we are helping to further develop Wavre into an even more innovative, energy efficient and greener city. With the inhabitants in the first place. Now that's smart!

CONNECTOW gives the city of Wavre the opportunity to provide affordable, and in some places even free, connectivity for the needy, schools, entrepreneurs, aid and government services. This puts the city of Wavre on the international map as a truly smart city.


The dreams of the children

With curiosity, we encouraged the youth of Wavre to share their dreams and hopes for how they imagine the future of their town. With the help of Dubois Vincent, these dreams are drawn out.

stronger together, CONNECTOW together

  • Wavre

    Together with the + 35,000 residents who call Wavre their home, aid and public services and economic partners, with CONNECTOW, we make Wavre the center of innovation.

  • Citymesh

    Citymesh supplies the city of Wavre with the digital solutions we need to complete the transformation into a genuine smart city.

  • EU

    With the "EU's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)" project, the European Union is shaping the digital future of Europe and Wavre. And vice versa, the project is one of the first to shape Europe’s new digital society. 

Building the city of the future is not something you do alone.

school connectivity

The process

Just like Rome, CONNECTOW was not built in a day. The project will take shape in several stages over a period of thirty-six months, under the supervision of the European Union. As smart city pioneers with transparency as one of our core values, we are happy to share every step we take. Follow our progress here. 

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Also suggestions are always welcome, together we will make Wavre the smart city of the future.

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