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Connectow is all about technology

Without technological progress, there would be no CONNECTOW. While Europe oversees how we lead by example as the first genuine smart city, other cities are increasingly taking the initiative to become smarter cities themselves.

This is all thanks to the introduction of 5th generation communication technology. It is the next logical step in the world of connectivity.

Need for new technology

Current solutions and networks are not enough to support the modernisation we want to achieve. They need attention, maintenance and are often not the most ecological solutions either. 

No more digging

When we want to upgrade a city network, excavating pavements and streets often comes with the territory. This is necessary, but a nuisance to residents.

With new technology, we can now connect buildings with each other wirelessly. Say goodbye to digging! Additionally, we provide ultra-secure and robust internet connections, making losing your internet connection a thing of the past. 

Outdated Wi-Fi network

Aging Wi-Fi networks in schools and government buildings are in need of a makeover. With CONNECTOW, we provide robust and secure connectivity where it's really needed. We protect sensitive data and allow new solutions to be installed without overloading the network. Think of digital blackboards or connected tablets and laptops.

Obsolete electricity meters

The current electricity meters are also due for replacement. With the advent of digital meters, we can monitor and control consumption a lot better. That is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for your wallet! 

Time for change

Time for something new! But how do we go about that? We are gradually migrating to 5th generation communication technology.

5G is more secure, more stable, more reliable and faster and can connect more devices. Moreover, it allows us to build a completely private network for the city, which will culminate over time in huge savings in the cost structure.

We can do this thanks to the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), an important European Union funding instrument. Thanks to their financial support and supervision, we can select the best solutions and help Wavre become a success story, one step at a time.

How it works?

Just like its forerunner 4G, the key is and will remain the same: sending and receiving data wirelessly. Only 5G, or 5th generation communication technology, does that somewhat more efficiently. For example, 5G can send more data per radio frequency and more accurate signals to other 5G antenna and mobile devices than its predecessors. As a result, more data can be sent at a much higher speed, with a much better reaction speed.

5G has a lot of advantages, but is it completely safe? Yes. It is also worth knowing that the 5G radio frequencies are comparable to those of the current wireless communication networks.

The standards in Belgium on exposure to radio frequencies are extremely strict and guarantee a high level of protection. As always, the health and safety of citizens comes first. That is why the transition to 5G will occur gradually, and we can guarantee the quality and safety of everything we do. This is also the reason that a lot of initial projects will use the old network and migrate to the 5G network later.

What doesnew technology bring to Wavre?


The new network’s energy consumption and the devices connected to it are considerably lower than in the previous generations. Equally, thanks to 5th generation communication, a lot of new applications are possible. For example, we can more easily monitor and control energy consumption.

Thanks to these new insights, obtained through this brand-new application, we can make the right sustainable decisions to tackle climate change.


Thanks to network slicing, we create several insulated environments within a network. Only the environment administrator (in this case the city of Wavre) can choose who gets access to it. That way, sensitive information remains safe, and critical communication is not disrupted by jammers.


From an economic perspective, we are going full steam ahead too. 5th generation communication technology has the potential to stimulate economic growth and strengthen local businesses’ competitive edge.


Fast, faster, fastest. 5th generation communication technology is about 10 times faster than current networks.

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