What is Connectow?

CONNECTOW is a collaborative project between the city of Wavre, Citymesh and the European Union. This project puts the city on the international map as one of the first genuinely smart cities in Europe. Thanks to the support – and under the supervision – of the European Union, the city of Wavre provides connectivity for all its residents, visitors, schools, entrepreneurs, and emergency and government services.

Together, we focus on healthcare, education and social inclusion. Everyone moving together towards the future. That is our goal. That is CONNECTOW.

Benefits for everyone

Connectivity is a real basic need. That is why everyone will feel the power of CONNECTOW and be able to enjoy the different projects. 


The Safety Drone helps emergency services act more efficiently and decisively in the case of an accident or emergency. With this solution, they get an overall picture of the scale and severity of the incident. That way, they can immediately make the right decisions. Not only do we guarantee the safety of residents with this initiative, but also that of our heroes.

Furthermore, we will actively monitor the River Dyle using smart flow meters that send water level reports to a central dashboard as regular as clockwork. These readings allow us to build predictive models and work on flood prevention. 


With our solutions, such as Air Quality Meters, we measure the air quality at crucial spots, such as at school gates or in the city centre. With the data gathered, we know where and when we need to take action to guarantee the health of every resident.


In terms of mobility, we are moving forward in leaps and bounds too. Using smart sensors, we monitor traffic in the inner-city and on access roads. This allows policymakers to make informed and justified choices, adapting the mobility plan where needed.

Together, we are seeking out the happy medium to get both vulnerable road users and those who travel by car to their destination safely and on time. 

42.11 km² of connectivity

The project stretches across the entire area of Wavre and the districts of Limal and Bierges, making 42.11 km² of connectivity for everyone, everywhere.

That connectivity opens a world of possibilities. It enables us to move healthcare, education and social inclusion forward.

Many of these solutions will give us new insights, meaning we can react more quickly where there is a need for change. We can also support emergency services with the Safety Drone, so that they can work more effectively and efficiently.

Questions or suggestions?

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