Early 2024

Connectivity at every school

CONNECTOW offers a helping hand to schools in Wavre after floods. Every child deserves modern education with optimal connectivity. With network slicing, schools maintain control of their network

After the floods, all schools were rewired, but unfortunately this is not enough to keep up with the current digitalization. This is why CONNECTOW is reaching out a helping hand to the schools in Wavre. Because every child deserves to be educated according to the latest standards and to have access to that inexhaustible source of knowledge. Good connectivity is indispensable in education. Just think of smart boards, laptops and tablets. They all use the same network. CONNECTOW ensures that schools can continue to do this without overloading the network. Schools get their own piece of the network, this is called network slicing, so their network can keep running at full speed without any jammers throwing a spanner in the works. They control who can use the network, what they can do and what priority they have. This not only ensures a stable network, but also keeps all sensitive information secure. Two birds with one stone!

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